What is Greek time?

Timekeepers have been put on this planet to quantify time
and to ensure individuals make arrangements unless you’re Greek. At that point,
there’s Greek time. Greek time. What is it? On the off chance that you are not
Greek, at that point you need to inquire. I get it. On the off chance that you
are…then you know.

It’s the steady rate of being late. Not on time. Not
minding. I’ve seen it and experienced it. It’s not incidental. It’s done
intentionally. Greeks resemble snails as they move at their space and time.

A couple of years back my better half and I were going to a
wedding at the Annunciation Cathedral in Chicago. The welcome demonstrated the
wedding was to start at two p.m.. It was ten to two as we sat tight for the
flag light to transform, we were on Chicago Avenue holding up to make a left on
LaSalle St. where the congregation is found. My better half was anxious, and I
advised not to stress, Greek time I say, and that the wedding would begin late.
At the correct minute, a white extend limo was spotted at the nearby road
moving in the opposite direction of us. I told Irene (my significant other),
there look I wager you that is the lady of the hour in the limo. For sure when
we landed at the congregation, no one was there except the cleric and barely
anybody of the visitors.

Some other time Haris Alexiou legendarily Greek vocalist was
performing at the Chicago theatre. Numerous Greeks filled the anteroom smoking,
talking and going to different visitors. The show was going to start, and I
asked my better half we ought to go in and get to our seats. She says Greek
time; the show won’t begin on time, in any case, I immediately remedied her and
disclosed to her the venue is controlled by union labourers and WILL begin in
time to the moment. We sat down, and inside a couple of minutes, the show
starts. Would you be able to envision how startled all the others in the
entryway felt when they saw the house lights go down and Mrs Alexiou talking?

Greek time happens wherever at whatever point there are
Greeks included. No occasion is saved. The Hellenic Parade down Halstead
Street, Chicago, church exercises, weddings, Greek ship pontoons and aeroplane
terminals, parties. It naturally happens. Your Greek and get accustomed to it.

Panos at Kantyli.com has made another item that will at that
point help the consistent late Greek. It’s a gadget with two tickets. The best
clock is set to Greek Time for the most part about the half hour behind the
real time (you can set to as you need just you know how late you are) and the
second clock that has REAL time set. I”m trusting this gadget to help all
Greeks to be on time at long last.

Greek Time is a pioneer in the hierarchical administration
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