Must See Places in Greece

Known for its sunny beaches, whitewashed villages, friendly atmosphere, and tasty cuisine, Greek is ranked among the best places to visit in Europe. It’s made up of hundreds of highlands and the mountainous mainland with each offering its own share of cultural delights, stunning landscapes, and amazing nightlife scenes. Here are some of the best places to visit

1. Acropolis Athens
Known as the sign of Athens and Greek, this is a mound found at the center of modern Athens. It’s crowned by three unique temples. The most distinctive and best known is the Parthenon which was made of 58 columns and decorated by the frieze and ornate pediments.

2. Cape Sounion
Located at the tip of the Attica peninsula, this place is famous for being the site of the god of the sea and ancient Greek temple of Poseidon. Being a tourist’s attraction, it’s a very popular place. It’s also a sought after spectacle especially when viewed from the ruins

3. Acropolis museum
As among the most visited tourists’ attractions, Acropolis museum was opened in 2009. Designed by Bernard Tschumi, this museum is an ultra modern steel and glass structure with airy and light spaces. Some of the things include the controversial Parthenon marbles, the Moschophoros, and the Caryatids. You can also enjoy seeing the Acropolis from the museums café.

4. Mystras
Located next to the ancient Sparta, Mystras was the famous capital of the Peloponnesus. Throughout the Ottoman period, it remained inhabited. In 1832, it was abandoned leaving only the medieval ruins standing in the landscape.

5. Santorini
Famous for its cliff towns of Oia and Fira, this is perhaps the most dramatic islands. Made up of Cycladic whitewashed buildings, both Oia and Fira are considered popular wedding and honeymoon destinations. While at this place, you can swim at the back of volcanic sun beaches or even sunbathe. It can also be accessed using ferries.

6. Greek islands
This exotic and beautiful island attracts thousands of tourists every year making them among the best tourist attractions. With over 200 islands, you may initially be shocked by their variety and number. From ancient ruins, gorgeous beaches, and active volcanoes, these islands have them all.

7. Mykonos
Widely recognized as the best tourist attraction and famous as the cosmopolitan destination, Mykonos Town is a stunningly beautiful town with whitewashed steps and a maze of tiny streets. It’s also famous for its intense and diverse night life and sandy beaches.

8. Meteora Monasteries
This is probably the most unusual places to see in Greek. Also listed in the UNESCO as a heritage site, for you to reach the monastery, you have to climb several stone steps. While their opening hours vary, to see all of them you have to spend the whole day in this area.

9. Delphi Theatre
Home to the oracle of Apollo and the sanctuary, Delphi was the most important places in Greek. This ancient theatre was constructed on a hill to give spectators the spectacular view of the landscape and the entire sanctuary. Originally built to seat 5000 spectators, it’s currently among the top tourist’s destinations in Greek.

10. Crete

As the largest Greek islands, Crete is a spacious land where landscapes range from rugged mountains to stunning coastline and rolling countryside dotted with several olive trees. Having a great history, it still has archeological traces of its many civilizations.

Well, these are the 10 must see places in Greek. Check them out today and enjoy an amazing view.






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