Greece’s Public Transportation

When navigating through Greece, you have plenty of public transportation methods to choose. The bus is the most common one because it covers the major routes within Greece. It also provides connections between the islands. There is also the train network but it is not as advanced as you might imagine. If you are not in the mood of using the bus and have a feeling that the train may be a bit inconvenient, you might consider supplementing with a taxi, motorbike, or scooter. Bottom line is that public transport in Greece is extensive and highly inexpensive.

Using the Tram
If your interest is in visiting the coastal areas of the island, there is no better way to reach your destinations than using the trams. They are one-way public transport means that pass through the oceanfront, the local markets, and some hotels. The tram operates after every 10 minutes and makes five stopovers within 90 minutes, giving you an opportunity to catch it. Additionally, there are usually five lines of trams with the third line purposely dedicated for carrying passengers directly along the beach. If you have some shopping you are looking forward to doing, or you want a direct ride to the beach, this is the quickest and most affordable transport method to choose.

Using the Buses
When you are planning to use the major routes or want to visit the remotest villages in Greece, the buses will get you there. They usually operate at a scheduled time, which makes them a convenient method of public transport, and their ticketing system is usually computerized. Other than traveling up-country, there are buses that connect the port with the town center with several other centers being scattered all over major and small towns.

The Train
The train network in Greece is relatively new and yet to advance. However, it is a good choice if you want to save on transport budget while touring the island since it charges almost half the price of the bus. These charges drop even further if you have booked an express ticket or have bought two-way tickets. However, you need to be informed that these are slower than using the bus but that does not make them any less comfortable.

The Underground
Greece has an underground transportation system that is similar to the one found in the UK. However, the layout is not too good and it tends to be overcrowded and hot. Nonetheless, it is highly convenient in terms of speed and price. If you should consider using this mode of transport, do so when alone and do not have any shopping with you otherwise, you will be frustrated.

By the Sea
Being an island, it would be odd if Greece did not have a sea mode of transportation. This includes the regular ferries that maintain a maximum velocity of 17 knots. The speedboats and the catamarans are used to ferry the cars and are a bit faster as they can maintain a velocity of 25knots.

Greece has two types of taxis, the street taxis that you can stop them on the streets and they will stop depending on whether the driver has a passenger or not. They are usually plenty and you will likely get in every 15 to 20 taxis. If you get such as taxi, you shout your destination and the driver can choose whether to take you or not.

The second type of taxi is the radio taxi, which you phone and the driver comes for you and drives to your destination. Although both of these are a bit expensive, compared to the other means, they are faster and you can use them to navigate through the city at your convenience.






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