What is Greek time?

Timekeepers have been put on this planet to quantify time
and to ensure individuals make arrangements unless you’re Greek. At that point,
there’s Greek time. Greek time. What is it? On the off chance that you are not
Greek, at that point you need to inquire. I get it. On the off chance that you
are…then you know.

It’s the steady rate of being late. Not on time. Not
minding. I’ve seen it and experienced it. It’s not incidental. It’s done
intentionally. Greeks resemble snails as they move at their space and time.

A couple of years back my better half and I were going to a
wedding at the Annunciation Cathedral in Chicago. The welcome demonstrated the
wedding was to start at two p.m.. It was ten to two as we sat tight for the
flag light to transform, we were on Chicago Avenue holding up to make a left on
LaSalle St. where the congregation is found. My better half was anxious, and I
advised not to stress, Greek time I say, and that the wedding would begin late.
At the correct minute, a white extend limo was spotted at the nearby road
moving in the opposite direction of us. I told Irene (my significant other),
there look I wager you that is the lady of the hour in the limo. For sure when
we landed at the congregation, no one was there except the cleric and barely
anybody of the visitors.

Some other time Haris Alexiou legendarily Greek vocalist was
performing at the Chicago theatre. Numerous Greeks filled the anteroom smoking,
talking and going to different visitors. The show was going to start, and I
asked my better half we ought to go in and get to our seats. She says Greek
time; the show won’t begin on time, in any case, I immediately remedied her and
disclosed to her the venue is controlled by union labourers and WILL begin in
time to the moment. We sat down, and inside a couple of minutes, the show
starts. Would you be able to envision how startled all the others in the
entryway felt when they saw the house lights go down and Mrs Alexiou talking?

Greek time happens wherever at whatever point there are
Greeks included. No occasion is saved. The Hellenic Parade down Halstead
Street, Chicago, church exercises, weddings, Greek ship pontoons and aeroplane
terminals, parties. It naturally happens. Your Greek and get accustomed to it.

Panos at Kantyli.com has made another item that will at that
point help the consistent late Greek. It’s a gadget with two tickets. The best
clock is set to Greek Time for the most part about the half hour behind the
real time (you can set to as you need just you know how late you are) and the
second clock that has REAL time set. I”m trusting this gadget to help all
Greeks to be on time at long last.

Greek Time is a pioneer in the hierarchical administration
field. Its stage takes into consideration amplified execution crosswise over
various capacities including enlistment, occasion arranging, part engagement,
and authoritative destinations. Kevin’s understanding as the leader of his
brotherhood gave him presentation to the numerous features of running an
association, incorporating the ones with open doors for development. This
application is intended to address those insufficiencies and lift a group’s
execution and profitability, making a solid, practical, and sustaining
association for all individuals included.



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Food You Must Try in Greece

One of the principle delights of the world is that we are so different to each other. We each have our own particular nationality, dialect, culture legacy and foods music and traditions which are in a flash unmistakable. Inside Greece, food and wine is a much cherished piece of life which gets from the old circumstances and family traditions. In any case, in the beginnings, food was not quite recently basically delighted in to survive and fulfill ourselves. Amid Ancient Greece, food was regularly sacrificed to the Gods previously expended and on different events, a few foods were even disregarded if it was trusted that the Gods disliked them. These days, a considerable lot of us know about the different conventional foods which are delighted in by the Greeks because of tourism and patterns in diverse foods. Be that as it may, if you are occupied with adapting more about the sorts of wine and wine appreciated by the Greeks, beneath is a rundown of a portion of the pleasures you can would like to discover.


A dominant part of Greek foods fuse essential fixings, for example, olive oil, meats, for example, sheep, and vegetables. Be that as it may, Greek food is famous for being flavorsome and crisp, fusing an extensive variety of flavors, meats and vegetables. Like some different societies, the Greeks trusted that food can help some basic infirmities, for example, Avgolemono which is a soup produced using chicken juices, lemon juice eggs and rice. This is a typical food appreciated inside Greece in while recuperating from regular colds or when endeavoring to fight off disease. Treats are a mainstream course with numerous in Greece and Loukoumades is a primary fixing inside numerous desserts dishes. Loukoumades is a sort of Greek cake which is produced using a blend of yeast, sugar, eggs, flour and nutmeg and is frequently embellished with nectar, sugar and cinnamon. Filo baked good is additionally prominent utilizing the notorious Baklava dessert which is local to Greece.

One of Greece’s most prevalent and understood dishes is Moussaka. Moussaka is like a goulash and consolidates eggplant, potatoes, red wine and onions in spite of the fact that it is normal for some type of meat to be utilized inside the formula moreover. Meat is consolidated into numerous primary Greek suppers and dishes, for example, Souvlaki, which is like a pierced kebab, are supported by numerous Greek vacationers. Vegetables are additionally completely adored by the Greeks thus a lot of new, occasional vegetables are consolidated into dinners as regularly as conceivable either as a side dish or as a feature of the principle feast. Greek servings of mixed greens, or Horiatiki, are additionally prominent as a side dish with most fundamental suppers. Ordinarily, we relate plates of mixed greens to incorporate some type of lettuce with an assortment of serving of mixed greens vegetables and dressing. Greek serving of mixed greens is different in that it is essentially comprised of vegetables, for example, tomato, cucumber, onions, feta cheddar and olive oil and flavoring. Customarily, lettuce is seldom utilized inside Greek servings of mixed greens. In extra to plates of mixed greens, pita bread is a typical side dish with principle suppers with a variety of plunges accessible, for example, yogurt, garlic and cucumber.


Alongside food, wine is completely appreciated by the Greeks and has been since Ancient Greece where it was perceived as the drink of the Gods. Inside Greece there are more than 300 different mixes of Greek wine from red, white and blanc de gris assortments which are adored by local people and vacationers alike. A standout amongst the most famous wines inside Greece is the Retsina which is a white or rose wine. Albeit supported by numerous Greeks, it is less prevalent with sightseers because of the sap blended in which gives it an unmistakable taste. Red is a prominent wine in Greece, specifically Brusco, or dry red not too fancy wine and Xinomavro, or corrosive dark wine, which is a dark red wine delivered in the northern piece of Greece. This is a mainstream wine as it ages well and gives a rich, woody flavor and fragrance. A standout amongst the most famous red wines inside the island is Agiorghitiko which is named after St. George. The Agiorghitiko grape develops in the Peloponnese range and has a cherry flavor with a slight trace of zest.


There is no denying that with regards to being enthusiastic about food and wine, the Greeks are a portion of the best. Bragging a flavorsome, delicious buffet of cooking which is rich in culture and history, an outing to Greece is guaranteed to not just have you in stunningness of the history and culture you can involvement as far as its engineering, and so on yet in addition as far as the dazzling food you will be acquainted with.




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Greece’s Public Transportation

When navigating through Greece, you have plenty of public transportation methods to choose. The bus is the most common one because it covers the major routes within Greece. It also provides connections between the islands. There is also the train network but it is not as advanced as you might imagine. If you are not in the mood of using the bus and have a feeling that the train may be a bit inconvenient, you might consider supplementing with a taxi, motorbike, or scooter. Bottom line is that public transport in Greece is extensive and highly inexpensive.

Using the Tram
If your interest is in visiting the coastal areas of the island, there is no better way to reach your destinations than using the trams. They are one-way public transport means that pass through the oceanfront, the local markets, and some hotels. The tram operates after every 10 minutes and makes five stopovers within 90 minutes, giving you an opportunity to catch it. Additionally, there are usually five lines of trams with the third line purposely dedicated for carrying passengers directly along the beach. If you have some shopping you are looking forward to doing, or you want a direct ride to the beach, this is the quickest and most affordable transport method to choose.

Using the Buses
When you are planning to use the major routes or want to visit the remotest villages in Greece, the buses will get you there. They usually operate at a scheduled time, which makes them a convenient method of public transport, and their ticketing system is usually computerized. Other than traveling up-country, there are buses that connect the port with the town center with several other centers being scattered all over major and small towns.

The Train
The train network in Greece is relatively new and yet to advance. However, it is a good choice if you want to save on transport budget while touring the island since it charges almost half the price of the bus. These charges drop even further if you have booked an express ticket or have bought two-way tickets. However, you need to be informed that these are slower than using the bus but that does not make them any less comfortable.

The Underground
Greece has an underground transportation system that is similar to the one found in the UK. However, the layout is not too good and it tends to be overcrowded and hot. Nonetheless, it is highly convenient in terms of speed and price. If you should consider using this mode of transport, do so when alone and do not have any shopping with you otherwise, you will be frustrated.

By the Sea
Being an island, it would be odd if Greece did not have a sea mode of transportation. This includes the regular ferries that maintain a maximum velocity of 17 knots. The speedboats and the catamarans are used to ferry the cars and are a bit faster as they can maintain a velocity of 25knots.

Greece has two types of taxis, the street taxis that you can stop them on the streets and they will stop depending on whether the driver has a passenger or not. They are usually plenty and you will likely get in every 15 to 20 taxis. If you get such as taxi, you shout your destination and the driver can choose whether to take you or not.

The second type of taxi is the radio taxi, which you phone and the driver comes for you and drives to your destination. Although both of these are a bit expensive, compared to the other means, they are faster and you can use them to navigate through the city at your convenience.






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Must See Places in Greece

Known for its sunny beaches, whitewashed villages, friendly atmosphere, and tasty cuisine, Greek is ranked among the best places to visit in Europe. It’s made up of hundreds of highlands and the mountainous mainland with each offering its own share of cultural delights, stunning landscapes, and amazing nightlife scenes. Here are some of the best places to visit

1. Acropolis Athens
Known as the sign of Athens and Greek, this is a mound found at the center of modern Athens. It’s crowned by three unique temples. The most distinctive and best known is the Parthenon which was made of 58 columns and decorated by the frieze and ornate pediments.

2. Cape Sounion
Located at the tip of the Attica peninsula, this place is famous for being the site of the god of the sea and ancient Greek temple of Poseidon. Being a tourist’s attraction, it’s a very popular place. It’s also a sought after spectacle especially when viewed from the ruins

3. Acropolis museum
As among the most visited tourists’ attractions, Acropolis museum was opened in 2009. Designed by Bernard Tschumi, this museum is an ultra modern steel and glass structure with airy and light spaces. Some of the things include the controversial Parthenon marbles, the Moschophoros, and the Caryatids. You can also enjoy seeing the Acropolis from the museums café.

4. Mystras
Located next to the ancient Sparta, Mystras was the famous capital of the Peloponnesus. Throughout the Ottoman period, it remained inhabited. In 1832, it was abandoned leaving only the medieval ruins standing in the landscape.

5. Santorini
Famous for its cliff towns of Oia and Fira, this is perhaps the most dramatic islands. Made up of Cycladic whitewashed buildings, both Oia and Fira are considered popular wedding and honeymoon destinations. While at this place, you can swim at the back of volcanic sun beaches or even sunbathe. It can also be accessed using ferries.

6. Greek islands
This exotic and beautiful island attracts thousands of tourists every year making them among the best tourist attractions. With over 200 islands, you may initially be shocked by their variety and number. From ancient ruins, gorgeous beaches, and active volcanoes, these islands have them all.

7. Mykonos
Widely recognized as the best tourist attraction and famous as the cosmopolitan destination, Mykonos Town is a stunningly beautiful town with whitewashed steps and a maze of tiny streets. It’s also famous for its intense and diverse night life and sandy beaches.

8. Meteora Monasteries
This is probably the most unusual places to see in Greek. Also listed in the UNESCO as a heritage site, for you to reach the monastery, you have to climb several stone steps. While their opening hours vary, to see all of them you have to spend the whole day in this area.

9. Delphi Theatre
Home to the oracle of Apollo and the sanctuary, Delphi was the most important places in Greek. This ancient theatre was constructed on a hill to give spectators the spectacular view of the landscape and the entire sanctuary. Originally built to seat 5000 spectators, it’s currently among the top tourist’s destinations in Greek.

10. Crete

As the largest Greek islands, Crete is a spacious land where landscapes range from rugged mountains to stunning coastline and rolling countryside dotted with several olive trees. Having a great history, it still has archeological traces of its many civilizations.

Well, these are the 10 must see places in Greek. Check them out today and enjoy an amazing view.






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Phrases to Know Before Going to Greece

Wherever you go, nothing makes your travels simpler than
knowing a couple of words in the nearby dialect. In Greece, even a couple of
words will warm your welcome and may even motivate an enduring kinship.

While you don’t should be familiar or have idealised elocution, taking in a
couple of key phrases in your goal’s
dialect establishes an incredible connection and could likewise make the travels much smoother. The following
is a rundown of all inclusive phrases worth
learning before you leave—make certain to make acclimations to adjust to
your own particular interesting travel encounters.

In the first place things first… You’ll Need to make sense of how you will take
in these phrases. One choice is to utilise an
online tool like the Google Translate (they have a portable application
too) for moment interpretations in 64 distinct dialects. You’ll not exclusively
have the capacity to hear the sound elocution of
the word or expression. However, you’ll likewise observe the phonetic
articulation in case you’re endeavouring to interpret something into a dialect
with non-Roman letters in order. To win much more other focuses with local
people, consider acting these phrases before
you just get off the plane—saying the words from memory as opposed to
perusing from an expression book or telephone application is a moment approach
to demonstrate regard in a remote land.

(Sorry that these don’t have actual translations, I’m working on getting that done)

– Do you communicate in English? Begin with
this one, and you’ll be astonished at
how much time you’ll spare. In numerous nations, many individuals learn English as a moment dialect amid their
school-age years.

– Hello, Goodbye: While there are
numerous varieties of him and farewell (great morning, great night, and so
forth.) that merit knowing, taking in these two
words will help you just welcome and say goodbye whenever of day.

– Please, Thank You, I’m Sorry: The speciality of humbleness, graciousness and
humility never get old.

– Excuse Me: For minutes when “please” in a more self-reproachful
tone won’t exactly carry out the occupation, this expression will assist make your essence known in a
non-meddling design.

– Numbers 1-10: Imagine shopping or
giving a cabbie an address without knowing
numbers? That’s all anyone needs to know.

– How much is this? While we’re
regarding the matter of numbers, notwithstanding when you’re in a remote
nation, there is no real way to abstain from burning through cash sooner or
later, so ensure you know what to abstain from paying an unexpected outcome.

– My name is…/I’m from… If you happen to
talk it up with a nearby, knowing how to
state your name and where you’re from
will enable you to seem neighbourly without having an extensive trade.

– Where is the restroom? To abstain from
performing acts each time you require alleviation, this expression proves to be
useful. Additionally, knowing how to state “where is” arms you with the capacity to request headings
in case you’re lost. What’s more, when hand
signals can’t exactly get you to where
you have to go, it may be useful to take in a couple of directional terms like
“right,” “left,” “east,” ‘west’… You get the

– Water: If you would prefer not to drink brew or pop for the aggregate of your
getaway, consider taking in this word. In case you’re travelling to a creating
nation where neighbourhood water supplies are
not sheltered to drink, consider taking in the expression “Filtered

– I might want… This works incredibly in an eatery. Just say this expression and
after that point to the menu! Makes
requesting a snap.

– I don’t comprehend: Instead of gesturing in understanding when you’re lost in
a discussion, figuring out how to verbalise your disarray will spare you some time (and your logical soundness!).





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The Don’t of going to Greece

We will talk a lot about the “Do’s” of going to Greece but we should definitely mention some of these “Don’ts” so you don’t make some of the easy mistakes that we made at first.